Our Vision

To become one of the leading, well respected and highly recognized business and marketing service providers worldwide.

Our Mission

  • Providing our beloved clients with high quality services to achieve their targeted goals, quickly, effectively and economically.
  • Provide our clients with effective and innovative business and marketing solutions, which will support them to develop and grow their business.

Our Values

  • We are very passionate with what we do and offer our clients outstanding services.
  • We are results-oriented people (Positive, effective and immediate results).
  • We are super flexible and work around the clock (NON-STOP).
  • We take good care of our clients treating them like royalty. Offering them outstanding, well deserve customer care service.
  • We get to know our clients business inside out.
  • We become the executive business partners to all our clients.
  • We are very attentive to details, creative and smart!

Our Story

Enter Dome was founded by young entrepreneurs called the “Totah cousins” in Jerusalem, the Holy Land.

Since the company was first established in the Middle East in 2010, the Totah cousins named it “Enter Dome” relating it back to the architectural structural buildings of the Mediterranean area. They knew that every dome has so many advantages that it has to offer its inhabitants/beneficiaries. Which made it very appealing yet obvious for the Totah cousins to give their company this name.

At first, the Totah cousins saw the potential thirst for the marketing and IT services needed for Jerusalem and neighboring cities. They worked very hard to reach as many businesses and organizations as possible, offering them their professional services. Unfortunately, the acceptance was surprisingly devastating for Enter Dome, due to some of the reasons that businesses and organizations were continuously referring to such as: low budgets or NO budgets at all, lack of interest, importance and familiarity for the offered services.

The Totah cousins didn’t give up or lose faith and hope in Enter Dome. They kept on going, working hard to gain the locals respect and position Enter Dome properly in the professional community. A few of the local businesses and organizations were receptive and have contracted with Enter Dome. Finally, accounts were won and services were offered, but it wasn’t financially rewarding or beneficial for Enter Dome to keep it operating in such low pace and low financing. The Totah cousins decided to freeze Enter Dome in 2014 for a short period of time until they could pump it up financially to a good operating standard.

After four long years in hibernation, the Totah cousins finally found new international investors who believed in the Totah cousins work ethics and in Enter Dome professional services. Our NEW International partners took a big step forward to revive Enter Dome once again, but this time operating internationally as well as regionally offering vast, new and powerful sets of business and marketing services known to mankind.

Going inside our “Dome”, any business or organization will encounter all the necessary tools, ideas, solutions, executions, support and most importantly the amazing hospitable customer care and satisfaction that we happily render under our dome. We take pride and joy in constructing any business or organization with a solid foundation, finalizing it with a beautifully presentable sculpted dome at the top that stands out from the rest of its rivals, which is mainly our priority and specialty!