By Tarek Totah on September 09, 2018

A quick introduction to “Social Media Marketing + Specialist”

Some businesses are still struggling with their “Social Media Marketing”. We ask ourselves WHY? The answer is very simple; unfortunately, many business owners, CEOs and managers take social media marketing for granted. They tend to give it less attention and invest so little money and time into it, not noticing that they are doing a BIG mistake towards the future!

It’s highly recommended to hire a social media specialist, which is considered a direct investment in your business that should be taken seriously and immediately. Your business needs that specialist ASAP to handle and manage all your social media marketing matters; without him or her, your company is at a high risk of losing business dramatically!

Please keep in mind that social media prices are quoted at a monthly rate, but sometime on a weekly, daily and hourly manner. Not to forget the duration and cost of purchasing media spots, sponsorships, affiliations, SEO and PPC campaigns, they are costly, but very important!

Social media marketing is NOT only posting content, photos and advertisements on social media platforms. To be successful, specialists spend so much of their valuable time planning, strategizing, creating, designing, implementing, testing, analyzing and evaluating.

In conclusion, NEVER underestimate the power of a social media specialist and the ongoing work that he or she has to produce on daily basis for your social media platforms that polishes your business giving it the desired shine. It’s a true long term investment that must be made, the sooner the better!