By Jamie Gibbs on September 04, 2018

Executing a Digital Marketing Campaign Successfully

Every business must execute a digital marketing campaign sooner or later! It is the duty of the marketing department to plan and implement such transaction. Marketing managers usually setup a digital marketing strategy for their digital marketing campaign, which will then be executed accordingly! But before doing so, the first step is knowing the exact campaign budget available, in order to tailor the right marketing tools and media buying for such campaign. Of course, the higher the budget the better! This gives marketing managers more options to choose from, consider and use.

The formula for the above is as follows:

Low campaign budget = less options to choose from, consider and use = week campaign outcomes
High campaign budget = more options to choose from, consider and use = strong campaign outcomes
This is simple common sense!

Note: Marketing managers already know that higher managements and the accounting departments HATE spending money on digital marketing campaigns, doing their very best to minimize the campaign budget, NOT knowing that they are making a BIG mistake and at the same time making it extremely difficult for the marketing manager to proceed with a successful campaign, resulting in jeopardising the entire campaign.

A piece of advice to higher managements and accounting departments: BE GENEROUS to your marketing operations if you wish to have a prosperous and successful business!

The campaign strategy must consist of a roadmap that makes sure that all the required steps are carefully implemented accordingly! Some steps are directly linked to each other, i.e. skipping step #3 could result in voiding step #4, #5 and so on... All the steps are important and must be followed carefully and implemented to proceed successfully.

Having said all of the above, let’s briefly list the steps to proceed with executing the digital marketing campaign.

  1. Place a campaign budget
  2. Know your problems and boundaries
  3. Set your GOALS
  4. Do your research
  5. Analyse your research
  6. Know your “Target Audience”
  7. Find your audience online
  8. Design a communication “KIT” for your audience
  9. Set your campaign
  10. Measure your results

Following the above steps correctly, without skipping any of the steps will assure a successful campaign. You may measure your results after finalizing your campaign. This will indicate the rate of success or failure!

Again, BE GENEROUS investing in your marketing operations. Always set a sweet hefty budget for your marketing department. The great part is the more you invest in marketing the higher the return on investment for your business.