By Tarek Totah on August 06, 2018

How important is Video Marketing?

There has been a big shift in marketing content writing to video marketing production. That is because people are showing less interest in reading printed material anymore and would rather watch a short movie clip that summarizes everything via a visual demonstration presentation about specific goods or services instead.

There is a say that simply says: “Seeing is Believing”. Which is very true and makes sense to many people. You have to see it to believe it!

People may read about a product or service somewhere, hear about it from family and friends, but it is definitely nothing like seeing it with their own eyes.

Statistical facts have proven that many people are automatically driven to visiting and subscribing many company or personal “Youtube Channels” to acquire about information, special interests in products, services and sometimes personal experiences (reviews). People are visual by nature and love to see everything with their own eyes to grasp and register valuable information that they are seeking. They may also address several inquiries regarding specific product specifications or characteristics that they might be wondering about in their minds.

Video marketing is a must tool to use for all marketing campaigns, in order to encourage the viewer about a specific product or service easier and faster. The cool thing about video marketing is that it doesn’t have an expiration date; it exists forever in the viewers subconscious and does have a direct psychological and maybe emotional impact, forcing them to spring into action almost immediately, that is if it was an influential and credible movie.

So, now you know that the “NEW hype” in the marketing arsenal is “VIDEO MARKETING”. This is a very powerful and effective tool in marketing suitable for any business, idea or cause. Take advantage of it, use it properly and it will definitely serve your business tremendously well!