By Jamie Gibbs on September 04, 2018

STAY AWAY from “Marketing Mimicking” Please!

Many business owners and managers believe that if they copy the same marketing plans and strategies of other successful businesses, they will become the same! In reality, this could be devastating. NOT all marketing plans and strategies apply to all businesses; many of them are different in nature and require other disciplinary approaches. Some businesses fall into the trap of “mimicking” the exact same plans and strategies of others, but unfortunately end up hurting themselves badly causing severe financial losses for the business driving it to shut down or even file for bankruptcy!

There is nothing wrong or bad with assigning an experienced marketing team that takes care of all your marketing demands, requirements and executions. They are your business scientists, always looking after your internal and external activities making sure that the business is executing the right marketing plans, strategies and using the rights tools effectively and efficiently.

It is BEST that your marketing team designs and works on a customized marketing plan specialized for your marketing requirements, demands, target audience and goals. This way, you are guaranteed to have a winning marketing plan that suits and serves your businesses very well!

Final words: Please STOP Marketing Mimicking!