By Tarek Totah on August 06, 2018

Why “Customer Care Service” is so important?

There are many reasons to highlight “Customer Care Service” for all the business out there. Some of the main reasons are: Attracting potential customers, replacing current customers are very costly and of course to protect the business reputation.

It is very commonly known that good customer care experience lead to satisfied customers causing them to become more attached and very loyal to a brand, company or services.

Usually “Word-Of-Mouth” does influence so many people in the community. On average, satisfied customers tell at least five other people about their wonderful “customer care” experience they had. This means “FREE ADVERTISING” saving you so much money on marketing and advertising expenses.

Customers immediately go elsewhere when subjected to poor customer care service. Losing and replacing customers are very expensive and could dramatically affect any business.

Replacing customers is expensive, because it costs five times more to attract new customers. When one loyal customer (repetitive customer) leaves, it takes five new ones to fill the financial gap. Only one out of thirty unsatisfied customers tell the business management about it! Those unsatisfied customers will tell ten others in their community about their unfortunate bad customer care experience they had.

Customer care service is directly linked to reputation; reputation always encourages loyalty; loyalty builds strong long-term relationships that keeps customers happy and a guarantees a steady revenue flow.

Nurturing these long term relationships with customers will surely prevent them from taking their business and money to competitors. Losing loyal customers to competitors can be very detrimental to many businesses; therefore it’s a must to concentrate all efforts on keeping customers happy, satisfied and retained.